Cheryl Cole-Fight For This Love X Factor LIVE 18/10/09 FULL (HQ)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Cheryl Cole-Fight For This Love X Factor LIVE 18/10/09 FULL (HQ)”

  1. autumniie Says:

    i commend her for performing in a competition where she is judged on the same playing field of others who are trying to make it

  2. Ryanne Burgess Says:

    it’s not 2013 yet you noob.

  3. rorylilly123 Says:

    thumbs up if u are watching this in 2013

  4. HiyaitsMariah1 Says:

    She definitely sung this live! It doesn’t sound autotune at all!

  5. Souzana10 Says:

    AWWWW CHERYL, what a babe… i love her!!!!!

  6. kiamz16 Says:

    iloveyou Chezz! so fucking much!

  7. nathaliexlr8 Says:

    stop what you lookin’ at? like a boss :D

  8. makeupbykaylee19 Says:

    simon liked it cuz he got to watch her breasts

  9. king dizy Says:

    omg she can dance

  10. mindtwindompeople Says:

    She mined a bit of this, I remember reading that she only sang parts of it. Now all they need to get on here is Shania Twain, now she’s an incredibly talented singer.

  11. SuperAwesomePinoy Says:


  12. jsnook808 Says:

    Oh dear! I think i need to move to England!!!

  13. markymark0911 Says:

    Love you

  14. zagzig03 Says:

    4:23 OHYES

  15. tavrinder dulay Says:

    go cherl your the best

  16. Kelly Jones Says:

    yep u can tell shes singing live, cos its fucking torture on my ears !

  17. Aliyaaah1805 Says:

    never seen such a talented mimer

  18. UJelly03 Says:

    Get from in front of your mirror.

  19. Ellie Maguire Says:

    Cheryl is actually not a bad singer! Great performance 🙂 x

  20. AmazingVideos222 Says:

    what do you mean wish you could be her? just audition to be a singer and go out with a footballer.

  21. AmazingVideos222 Says:

    x factor is g** and cr** but cheryl is nice

  22. purple blue Says:

    i wish i could be her

  23. purple blue Says:

    i love this song i haven’t heard this song forever !!!!!

  24. onlinebabe accnt Says:

    Beautiful but very bad taste in men.