Lady gaga Born This way Official Music Video

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23 Responses to “Lady gaga Born This way Official Music Video”

  1. Miriam240 Says:

    What is the song you use at the final? I like it ^^

  2. luka zedashidze Says:

    i was born this way

  3. luka zedashidze Says:

    love you

  4. Felipe45503 Says:

    1:55 omg the slender man

  5. TheLadyBassHunter1 Says:

    This song does not sound like ‘Express Yourself’ at all. Just because she is singing about ‘gay’s’, lesbians, etc.. does not mean she copies Madonna as Madonna has got some of her inspiration from Marilyn Monroe but you do not see people critisizing on that.

  6. gedefar1 Says:

    Why the f… did you put that shitty song in the end on this wonderful song?

  7. luka zedashidze Says:

    love you my mother monster

  8. SymIsDead Says:

    I love you Lady Gaga, Dont let anyone tell you different your amazing and you helped me find myself even with fucking dumbass bullies and rude people telling me I was wrong and im trying to e something im not. I love you for everything you are Thank-you please never change.. C:

  9. keo224 Says:

    only here for zombie boy. <3

  10. besauleebela bela Says:

    i love you lady gaga . this song is my favorite ;*

  11. Dato Germanotta Says:

    baby I was born this way

  12. Mikster7500 Says:

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  13. natureboiwill Says:

    Sounds nothing like express yourself, nothing. However there similarities to a lot of Madonna songs, and her videos. I like Gaga, because she reminds me of Madonna, to bad hardcore fans of Gaga are in denial of that FACT…

  14. Tharpit Mannie Says:

    I just perform this way

  15. notsoninja92 Says:

    would fuck lady gaga if she doesnt talk and wears a bag over her head

  16. victor gabriel Says:

    esse video e super estranho mas eu gosto dele

  17. Pelagia Tramountani Says:

    +1 from Greece! 

  18. KasiaCh84 Says:

    Lady Gaga is not oryginal. The song sounds like a copy of the “Express Yourself” Madonna. Poorly

  19. michael gray Says:

    u need glasses

  20. EveryDarkDayBabe Says:

    Yeaaaah, Rick Genest ! :DD

  21. lukasek999roblox Says:

    the man is tattoed on world man he is on guiness zombie man’s name rick genest

  22. kathw19 Says:

    i have heard that in this video she would spreal her legs and “give birth to monsters” ??

  23. Jason Duff Says:

    this is a rip off of madonna’s express yourself RIP OFFFFFFFFFFF