Beautiful Valentine Love Song With Visualization, Boyzone – Gave It All Away *Happy 2011 !

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26 Responses to “Beautiful Valentine Love Song With Visualization, Boyzone – Gave It All Away *Happy 2011 !”

  1. MrOfficialMusicMan Says:

    check out y songs with visuals They are pretty cool

  2. sumcrackhead Says:

    I don’t quite understand where this artistic credit is coming from in the comments… anyone with itunes or windows media player can do exactly the same thing in a matter of seconds. Please don’t take or hold credit from the work of talented musicians and programmers, you have failed to acknowledge them in the description.

  3. yopyopz Says:

    Very good visualization, please can you tell me, the name of the program for this visualisation? ttanks 🙂

  4. fireheart106 Says:

    the visulizations are from itunes arnt they

  5. ZeroToleranceNS Says:

    how you make the Visualizations?

  6. Parag1158 Says:

    nice video

  7. RazQ35 Says:

    Beatiful song and beatiful visuals 🙂

  8. ShonarChelay Says:

    @mrflores89 – Thank You ! and Sure; you just need a capture card.
    Then you can go for whatever music visualizations you like with your music player, Have Fun : )

  9. mrflores89 Says:

    Wow it was amazing. One of the greatest video I’ve ever see on Youtube. I find it simple but very wonderful. Your effort is highly appreciated. How did you do this if you don’t mind?

  10. Stipe4ever Says:

    Steo’s voice was at it’s most beautiful here:(
    RIP Steo- your beautiful smile will never be forgotten xx

  11. xfenwrathx Says:

    @888CSC it’s just a video capture of milkdrop, a plugin for winamp. i’m not saying it’s not an awesome plugin but credit where credit’s due

  12. xQSKxViSii0nZx Says:

    too calm and gay singers…dislike.

  13. 24Monira Says:

    where can someone get this piece of music it is so very powerful it makes you want to fall in love like a dreamer

  14. SonOfAlanbar Says:

    Your task is not to seek for love – rumi
    Your task is not to seek for love,
    but merely to seek and find
    all the barriers within yourself
    that you have built against it.

  15. 777VIBRANT Says:

    Beautiful song!

  16. MrZeroGravity996 Says:

    I like the song When you Say Nothing at All… That really tears me up .. brings back the past

  17. linkfan341 Says:

    WOW i really love this and im wondering about how you did that
    but the music is just so …… you have a great taste in music

  18. IslamaBeautifulfaith Says:

    Awesome lights, I really the effect

  19. urCherieAmor Says:

    This video goes straight to my fave…very beautiful.

  20. WorldOnYT Says:

    each video have defferent kind of creation
    unbelieveble, it’s amazing, fantastic.5*****

  21. ShonarChelay Says:

    @888CSC – Thank you my great friend : )

  22. piparrosa Says:

    thanks very nice take care cristina

  23. 888CSC Says:

    Hi Shonar ,
    So Spectacular and Brilliantly Beautiful !
    Such an Astonishing Excellent video and the
    song is so very Majestically Exquisite as well !
    This is the second video I’ve watched from your
    Awesome channel Shonar and I feel so very Inspired
    by this absolutely Amazing Masterpiece you sure can
    cook my friend ! A Great work of Artistic Genius I think
    your video’s are so Amazing !
    Two very Inspired Thumbs up and a Perfect 10 for
    a Magnificent Work of Art ! Bravo !
    Peace Away ! Chaz

  24. silvialucianunes Says:

    Wonderful song and pics too
    Good work

  25. lisboagreen Says:

    Thankyou for this stunning video….have a great day everyday.

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