Black Eyed Peas – Missing You (Official Music) HQ

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25 Responses to “Black Eyed Peas – Missing You (Official Music) HQ”

  1. Flacktify Says:

    I´m missing Black Eyed Peas

  2. Tatiano Santos Says:

    very good !!!

  3. Dolan Zoldhost Says:

    GOOD OLD TIMES, yes, four years ago.

  4. Mrzmalik202 Says:

    Im missing your love(;

  5. lajana1977 Says:

    still missing you… pain never ends

  6. Albo123able Says:

    I love this song ! ;O

  7. Hayley Finnelly Says:

    Love this song! xx

  8. Xombie Monkey Says:

    This is actually a pretty good song.

  9. Nazajawie Says:


  10. ItsTheBeers Says:

    Hahaha you darn hipster xD

  11. Marcelo Norberto Says:

    very good

  12. Andy D. Says:

    Genial, amo esta song

  13. danmandem Says:

    Whole album reminds me of sniffing copious amounts of mcat

  14. brittany miller Says:

    makes me think of my ex.

  15. RiRi Rowland Meggy Says:

    I like this song and my sister loves it she all ways sings missing
    you,missing you,missing you…you know what I meen but we like them all but
    her favourite is this one

  16. nicki minaj Says:

    j’adooore cette musique

  17. leonardx00t Says:

    si y EXIT=exito XDDDDDDDDDD

  18. ImAllAboutDemTigers Says:

    Offically My Fav Song In the Whole World

  19. ImAllAboutDemTigers Says:

    realize theyre is only 1 dislike? this song is amazing

  20. kev shaw Says:

    Thats sad but im sure u will stop. Time heels most things

  21. ImAllAboutDemTigers Says:

    This Song Is so Unknown, I Wish The Whole world Knew About it

  22. pedro antonio colin vieyra Says:

    todos furiosos en 3 2 1 porque los black eyed peas no volvieron a hacer

  23. javier ramos Says:

    that this cute cute song to sing this song the much disbrutare

  24. patakisfriend Says:

    I just want him to come back already :/ These next 5 days without him will
    be hard 🙁

  25. var lowe Says:

    Season7 episode20 of NCIS is what brought me here