Black Eyed Peas – They don’t want Music

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25 Responses to “Black Eyed Peas – They don’t want Music”

  1. Durka Durk Says:

    I don’t understand why these songs didn’t catch on. Their newer songs like Boom Boom Pow, or whatever, or lame in my opinion. This is the type of music that is good for the soul. ^-^

  2. BAFALACK Says:

    I love the Black eyed Peas! That’s one of my favorite songs of them. The old songs of the Black eyed peas was much better. Sry for my bad english.

  3. SilentShibito Says:

    this song is a diss to black eyed peas own present here

  4. Tina Nateghi Says:

    Now this is what I call MUSIC!

  5. LuDiTime Says:

    I wish they still did music like this…

  6. Rob DeMark Says:


  7. Rob DeMark Says:

    love this song, God bless James Brown

  8. xXYourBoss Says:

    Respect to the old Black Eyed Peas

  9. Leodis IV Smith Says:

    I would really hope so. “Boom Boom Pow” was the biggest sucker punch to my gonads.

  10. infernofrida Says:

    This is the big evidence to why is a big sellout. He actually has talent, but wasted it.

  11. Dorca Echevarria Says:

    They don’t want music I like so much

  12. Otavio Silva Says:

    I miss you BEP. I really do. You can do more than eletronic music.

  13. UntitledKirk Says:

    Fuck, I used to listen to this all the time when I was a kid. Biggest guilty pleasure.

  14. Mattslacky Says:

    Just hilarious how ironic this is.

  15. earth2syd Says:

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  16. eminemisthebestrocks Says:


  17. Kapetanus Kapetais Says:

    that’s soooooooooooooooooooooo ironic

  18. Thyare Constanza Bravo Aguirre Says:

    genial la cancion

  19. Reltsirk Says:

    I miss them before they sold out hard.

  20. grotlehomies Says:

    Yeah I heard this on a dance video where they were locking and it fit very well! So, yeah I agree with the uploader xD

  21. Zombeh Kitteh Says:

    They used to be sooo gooood what happened >_>

  22. suoiresosy Says:

    from song ft. james brown to fucking boom boom pow -_-

  23. Phlincke Says:

    I’m beginning to suspect that the peas “sold out” to fund private artistic projects. Perhaps they saw how little effect the message in their albums had, and kinda said “fuck it, imma jus go do art”

  24. AWEntertainmentTV Says:

    Yeah it’s a shame, they really degraded themselves from the first two albums. Monkey Business and Elephunk was AMAZING! I couldn’t wait for The E.N.D to come out but then that was such a disappointment…

  25. Stefan Hennessey Says:

    Black eyed peas have some pretty good songs no one talks about like this one. So originally, good beat and some damn good sax!