Boyzone – Better (New Song, With Lyrics)

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25 Responses to “Boyzone – Better (New Song, With Lyrics)”

  1. dreidelbach1 Says:

    It’s Better, and it doesn’t get any better than this. I cannot say how much I love it and the boys. I have them in my car and it just plays and plays and plays. Can you get a message to ‘stephen Gately and give him my love and gratitude for his beautiful voice, thank you

  2. trohad1 Says:

    I love this song and I love this band, I wish they would tour in the US…

  3. lovelyroseforever60 Says:

    i love this one so much thx for post it

  4. 0206joshua Says:

    Damn good

  5. dalsim73 Says:

    So sad… I loved and admired yu as ateenager, even thou we are the same age. when you decided to come out, I was so proud and wished I could have been as brave as you! you’re an ANGEL. Our angel!!!! Boyzone will always include you!

  6. weescotschick Says:

    rest in peace stephen true angel always loved so sad u did make things better with ur voice xxxxxxxxx

  7. kathleenmarystar Says:

    omg what a fantastic song, the words make you cry, in a nice way of course, x

  8. lenica007 Says:

    my wedding song!!! definately

  9. jobekka Says:

    fave bit is “the more i talk 2 u, i fall in love wi everything u do”

  10. melotedar Says:

    i love this song…

  11. otaka106 Says:

    Thats How I Feel After Marriage With The Most Kind Pretty Lady In The World,
    My Baby . . . Jehan
    Wall- E
    Loves You

  12. estoyquienestoy Says:

    Reminds me how selfish ive been in my life,i must change my ways

  13. 120578tala Says:

    i love it thank you

  14. varleycat1 Says:

    stephen u r missed already …. amazin person… andrew ty for making each other happy xxxx forever in my heart both of you xxx sadly missed x amain vioce amazin man xxxxx deepest sympathy to u and familys for saturday xxxxxxxxx love u xxxx cat xxxxx

  15. tmepook Says:

    for my husband x

  16. LuciieEyahhx Says:

    RIP Stephen xx

  17. andreacowtan Says:

    I could play this song ova and ova again. It makes me think of my bf who stands by me thro my bipola x

  18. andreacowtan Says:

    I could listen to this 4eva. Makes me think of all the people who have cared 4 me x x

  19. munkiimonster Says:

    Tom Baxter i do believe .

  20. hayley4music Says:

    does anyone who originally sang this?

  21. mennelllufc Says:

    my mum loves this song and she makes things better for me

  22. zakewake Says:


  23. zakewake Says:

    use idm software

  24. missJosiejo Says:

    this song is so beautiful, I love it

  25. islababy10 Says:

    first time i heard this i knew it was for my lovey jub, beautiful song, beautiful lady, love you sweetheart x