Boyzone – Give It All Away ** NEW SONG 2010** in HQ

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33 Responses to “Boyzone – Give It All Away ** NEW SONG 2010** in HQ”

  1. Neozin Says:

    RIP Stephen… 🙁 <3

  2. gersfan109 Says:

    This song saddens me purely because of the opening lyric from Gately. He never fulfilled what he said he was going to do and the fact the song is not now about hope but more so failure… I dont know, just makes it a bit more powerful.

  3. boltongal64 Says:

    r i p steven x

  4. Ianandsyd Says:

    Love this song ! RIp wee Stephen

    Love u xx

  5. The1CRS Says:

    great song R.I.P STEPHEN

  6. lov3lycuti3 Says:

    R.I.P Stephen…We will always Miss u 🙁

  7. metaluk72 Says:

    @Peetree777 I apollogize! I took things the totally wrong way! It is quite funny when you think about the joke he being gay, and the color pink!

  8. Peetree777 Says:

    @metaluk72 i found it hilarious when i heard it,
    i never said he wasnt good at what he did,
    and i not judging anyone

  9. metaluk72 Says:

    @Peetree777 BTW luggage is how its spelled not lugage?

  10. metaluk72 Says:

    R.I.P Stephen! I Loved this band Boyzone! since they formed! 5 stars for posting this video! and I have only just recently found out! of Stephens death!

  11. metaluk72 Says:

    @Peetree777 STFU! Who! gives You the right to Judge This Great Artist! BTW! Your Jokes not funnt at all Mate!

  12. littletoerag1 Says:

    a beautiful song stephen at his best a lovely lad

  13. Peetree777 Says:

    whats pink and goes round and round….
    stephens lugage at dublin airport

  14. nicoledalton96 Says:

    im 14 havent known ya dat long but i kno all ur songs nd kyrics u wer my 1st concert just before poor steven died (rip) xxx <3

  15. toonlad28 Says:

    keep on making new songs cos i think Steven would ov wanted you’s to. I am singer and there’s nothing I like better doing your songs cos lady’s really like them and and there good to start the night with and end ……….

  16. lassiechild Says:

    What a band you guys have been ! I’m 23..I’ve known you all my life..says it all ! You were my first concert ever! Love you forever and ever!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. sizzlingdolphin Says:

    hey boys UR the Best… I hope the song gives you hope and support as well with the big loss you have to overwin!!!

    Sweet kisses from The Netherlands

  18. sizzlingdolphin Says:

    hey boys UR the Best… I hpe the song gives you hope and support ass well with the big loss you have to overwin!!!

    Sweet kisses from The Netherlands

  19. miragracevids Says:

    his voice gives me chills.

  20. TheCox2001 Says:


  21. xglowingangelx Says:

    nice song…

  22. missYouxdtube Says:

    RIP stephen you were the best person i know

    Miss you Giggy as u use to call me

  23. josephyusufmalawi Says:


  24. SuperPukiz Says:

    R.I.P stephen Have a safe journey (: Lots of love Youur Fans x.x.x

  25. FrankyzL Says:

    @forross1 that’s fucken bullsht man

  26. Brangelina Says:

    When is this coming out?

  27. Middle East Comedy Club Says:

    Thanks for this

  28. Hannah Montana Says:

    Lols 🙂

  29. Plan B Says:

    Plan B could totally do this

  30. Majestic Concerts Says:

    I think I saw them live a few years ago in a tiny crammed bar, with about 10 fans lol

  31. Blues Music Fan Says:

    The Jazz version is better. Just sayin..! 🙂

  32. Music at a Tangent Says:

    You should come and join our party, you’ll have fun..

  33. Fell Foot Music Says:

    Is anyone going to Fellfoot?