Boyzone – Love You Anyway

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23 Responses to “Boyzone – Love You Anyway”

  1. HoodlumRobin Says:

    Love this track. Yet NOT a fan!!!

  2. sandeep012able Says:

    love those bands of late 90’s<3

  3. Veronika Loudova Says:

    Steo and Ronan <3

  4. truediva18 Says:

    They put out an album in 2010 called Brother. It features vocals from Stephen Gately in 2 songs: Gave It All Away & Stronger. I think Ronan Keating is a judge on a singing competition, but don’t quote me, I am from the States.

  5. Touluse12 Says:

    the blonde one is cute

  6. Alan Canavan Says:

    Its a shame Stephen leaving us when he had so much more to give.He will live on with Boyzone on here.Does anyone know what Ronan & the rest of the guys are doing ?

  7. Marta Nowakowska Says:

    0:56-0:58 🙂

  8. totara81 Says:


  9. ashx94 Says:

    anyone else notice the sort of rejection for the second kiss at 0:45 ?

  10. retrowoman12345 Says:

    Thats how you do it its that simmple….

  11. usernamemaybe Says:

    this song was on the radio at the supermarket today :D it sounds great!

  12. wizzwamf Says:

    too right you hit the nail on the head

  13. Rogelle Says:

    Nice beat! I love Boyzone, Westlife and Take That. There’s no first, second or third. They’re all equal to me. Kind of like Eros Ramazotti and Nek; they’re equal to me. 😀

  14. cassa110269 Says:

    Steve was a beautiful, gorgeous man….yeah he was gay (hard for some of us girls to except)….but please don’t slate him on here. It just highlights you shallow mindlessness, this sight is to listen to songs and watch videos that you’re interested in….if you’re not interested…no comment….Didn’t you’re mother ever teach you…if you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  15. MaryJoneu Says:

    Wow! I could sing this song over and over again. What an awesome healing song!!

  16. care2much2 Says:

    He looks like Gabriel Aubry

  17. paulinescotlandcd Says:

    Love this catchy song.If you don’t want to sing along and dance it’s time to see a doctor and have your ears syringed.

  18. crashgirl08 Says:

    Boyzone/Menzone where are you boys? I need more songs like this one..each time I here this one puts a smile on my face and makes me dance :)) Com’ on….

  19. cherry blossom Says:

    Never heard of these guys before I watched Corrie…I think one of them is in it. Great Group but sorry about the young lad who’s gone on. Great Song!!!

  20. radstorm Says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite songs now 🙂

  21. TANTISDEMO Says:

    beautiful love it

  22. Vilte Zakeviciute Says:

    beautiful :D

  23. Stipe4ever Says:

    @Wamba95 hi,idiots like that,as much as I try to ignore them,I can’t when it comes to my lil Hobbit!
    Even at his biggest,fans would knock on his door he’d invite em in sometimes for a cuppa! I couldn’t reach his doorbell for fans somedays but ge was at his happiest,even though really shy!
    I am glad he found love in his life! Strawballs-Ronan,well he took it the worst,but they cry-a lot!
    So morons who feel the need to let off steam feck off back under yer rock!
    Steo was amazing, I miss him :'(