Boyzone – The Meteor Ireland Music Awards 2009

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21 Responses to “Boyzone – The Meteor Ireland Music Awards 2009”

  1. kurtvallance Says:

    very entertaining video….

  2. Pusacek9154 Says:

    @westzonian was Steos B-day actually

  3. Pusacek9154 Says:

    @westzonian was Steos B-day actually

  4. westzonian Says:

    Wasn’t this event done on Ronan’s birthday? Its March 17 and Ronan’s birthday is on that date…

  5. Lappedykker2980 Says:

    aww so cute !! .. miss that boy SO bad ! I cry so much ! If I just knew that there was a way to get him back from heaven !! I would do what ever !! MISS U SO SO SO SO SO SO much lad :/ theres no words ..

  6. vfbhuels Says:

    nice shit

  7. ca3nee Says:

    Wow :O i was there that night on his birthday , it was a great night :),… what a great day to have ur birthday 🙂 …that was the last time i saw stephen 🙁 :O rip buddy …:( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. rose150381 Says:

    miss you so much steo!! rest in peace

  9. Forestamtul Says:

    I also noticed Stephen was born on St Patrick’s Day. The same day when Ireland celebrate.
    It was sad it was his last birthday no one thought a year later he would be gone.

  10. Marreez Says:

    this was Stephen’s birthday…his last birthday :/

  11. TheLooby101 Says:

    Very sad to watch…..god bless you Stephen

  12. Carly2kaii7 Says:


  13. kathrynf12 Says:

    wow Ronan, keith,mikey,shane and stephan you r all so sexy i love ya all and i loved the better tour

  14. wednesday1807 Says:

    love the boyz but what is shane wearing??? 😉

  15. georgeclooney65179 Says:

    so sorry The Boyz didn’t win that night although I love Westlife too. Can’t wait to see Better tour… :), thanks Laura.

  16. Caithleen0506 Says:

    Great performance, is it me or is Keith better at dancing?

  17. lisaadamson1123 Says:

    Boyzone should have won..right. I do love Westlife.

  18. MaryUtah2 Says:

    Thanks Laura, your my lifeline 🙂 – Their voices are great in the performance and they look wonderful – Keith looks good with his new haircut! -rawr –

  19. lmcasanova2 Says:

    Woop wooop their performance was brilliant!!! happy belated b-day Stephen =P
    One more time, Thanks Laura for uploading 🙂

  20. jazzieberry Says:

    Thanks laura xx

  21. R3ginadk Says:

    thanx for putting this on, great song, beautiful voices 🙂 and i can’t wait for the new tour comming up!!!