Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me

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25 Responses to “Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me”

  1. eunhae30492 Says:

    @TsuJesHar seriously :(…

  2. Terrinca8 Says:

    50 000 000!! pls!!!

  3. MrBlackClonez Says:


  4. xDnTVEVO Says:

    Hey guy’s. This is Lauren from (C) 2011 JIVE Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment. Yes the same label we have Britney Spears signed to. I’m on the look out for young singers, rappers or beat producers. Do You Have That Kind Of Talent?

  5. missrosetejano Says:

    @adrianadoak42 thanks, glad im not the only one

  6. MrHi0123 Says:

    wtf is a dubstep

  7. TsuJesHar Says:

    godammit britney! leave dubstep alone! I don’t want the genre to be ruined by your shitty music!

  8. dazzlingbarbie Says:

    /watch?v=RM7lHlNpIGE do wtch it .. it is the storyline of hold it against me ..the real story

  9. dazzlingbarbie Says:

    @westside159 o really?? did u smell them??

  10. tartlannon96 Says:

    @moline96 OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!

  11. dazzlingbarbie Says:

    @MrPostcity what is the purpose of this line which belongs to the song ‘judas’ when u knw that u’re watchin ‘hold it against me’

  12. moline96 Says:

    Britney Spears joined Rihanna at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards for some “S&M” last night. Their sexy duet ended in a kiss … which ABC moronically cut off.

    It didn’t last as long as Britney’s tonguing of Madonna at the 2003 VMAs, but the kiss was still captured by some astute (and possibly excited) photographersmore on



  14. RhythmicGymnastxox Says:

    People who think this is good, check out sam tsui’s cover. It waaaay better.

  15. adrianadoak42 Says:

    Can’t stand Lady Gaga.

  16. MrPostcity Says:

    I still in love JUDAS, baby…

  17. Mrkobes1 Says:

    Search Mrkobes1 up top to see my 8 year old son Kobe,a cool kid singing to Big Time Rush and Bruno Mars,drumming,and jammin out and please post him a positive comment to make his day!!!! THANKS

  18. FRColdfire8 Says:

    The video does make sense, see she’s actually asking us “HER FANS” to hold it against her and never giving up on her. When she dances or tries to dance, she’s dancing to US. When she sings or lip-synchs, she sings to US! Hold it against me might sound sexual, but it is actually spiritual. Just listen her lyrics and try to put yourself in the place that she’s actually talking to. BRITNEY is the BEST!!

  19. jalitoz Says:

    Que hermosa mi brit

  20. DJRJTuff Says:


  21. MrSickofbullshit Says:

    @JohnnyInk fuck you. Everything has some amount of product placement. watch Iron Man. It has loads of it. And no one gives a shit if you dont like Britney Spears, because a lot of people still do, and you are just that one person that doesnt like her. fuck you

  22. ben7cardenas2099 Says:

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  23. MissChatterboxPro Says:

    …top top video… better then all her other videos!!!! Go Britney

  24. Vbombb Says:

    The video does make sense, but i don’t see how it relates to the song.

  25. enya1107 Says: