Britney Spears – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

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25 Responses to “Britney Spears – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”

  1. Andrew Scott Says:

    It’s funny everyone says britney destroyed the song when the Arrows
    themselves said they prefer Britney’s version OVER Joan Jett so at least
    they have good taste.

  2. Redhorse M Says:

    Joan owns this song. This bleached out used up dried out douche bag Is a
    joke. I cannot believe there are people out there stupid enough to actually
    spend their money to hear this filthy used up skank.

  3. Aly Mimi Says:

    Of course the best is the original by The Arrows! I don‘t like Joan Jett
    version it‘s horrible it‘s the worst!

  4. dirtfisher11 Says:

    Joan Jett should be allowed to beat Brittany unmercifully for this
    abomination of a cover.

  5. 1111818ish Says:

    Put a shirt on you fat bitch.

  6. Angeline Ma Says:


  7. Insanity "Insane" Dreams Says:

    She fuck this song up

  8. walter george Says:

    Some body call the cop she’s murdering this song. 

  9. 1775usmarine Says:

    3741 people that can’t comprehend what Rock N Roll is.

  10. Itami Says:

    Oh god no… Why? This is terrible. Going back to Joan. 

  11. mari caldas Says:

    I never heard the original song, for this reason I like this version of
    Britney. You can not compare the original version with the new version,
    because it will always win the old. Only people like me who have not heard
    the first vercion can see that if the song is good.

    Also. She sings , she sing from childhood high notes,she’s good, not the
    best singer but sings well.

  12. Marc Forte Says:

    Yes your very pretty, now stop ruining classics.

  13. D weaver Says:


  14. Metal Fan Says:

    In case you guys who think this song is Joan Jett’s, it’s not. This song
    was written and recorded by the Arrows before Jett covered it in 1982, and
    she knows it since she asked Alan Merrill for permission to cover it. She
    discovered the Arrows on their TV show in the ’70’s during her tour with
    the Runaways, which probably prompted her to cover it in the late ’70’s.

  15. Sasha Parker Says:

    old sing but its a good one. 

  16. Laura Gray Says:

    no. I literally stopped halfway through the video. To much auto tune. She
    ruined the original.

  17. Burt McAster Says:

    She can’t sing without auto tune. She butchered this classic. 

  18. Hannah Eschelbach Says:

    It’s sort of sad-funny that this is called “I love Rock and Roll” but she
    turned it into a pop song. Also that’s not how anyone plays the guitar. 

  19. 1krani Says:

    I go into this with a due sense of exhaustion and dread. Britney, PLEASE
    don’t live up to my expectations.

  20. Cocky Rocky Says:

    Even though Brittney is just fantasizing about being a Rn’R chick in this
    video (she clearly is not Rn’R, she’s pop) I like it.

  21. Dayanna Clavijo Says:

    Britney forever…♡

  22. Layser Candi Says:

    Please Britney – find your own tunes to make your own…please dont even
    attempt to cover someone of Joan Jett’s talent – you can’t, you never will,
    you are mediocre at best…Joan Jett never relied on lip synching or auto
    tune to make it. She had to pay her dues and go the difficult route, but
    her talent carried her through…She is one truly tough and successful
    woman! you can never even stand in her shadow…write you own story

  23. Gill Corpus Says:

    Well when we taught this was crap then miley cyrus apeared and now when I
    see this i feel better!

  24. Leroy Hamilton Says:

    Britney added her own bits to this classic tune and its great 

  25. TheMissMaura Says:

    What an energy! Love Britney! <3