Britney Spears – Sometimes

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25 Responses to “Britney Spears – Sometimes”

  1. TheMaster1246 Says:

    Ah yes, back when Britney was still young and innocent…

  2. Sergio Cassidy Says:

    Best Times, Best Music !!!

  3. killem marie Says:

    This song makes me happy

  4. angel victor vargas trujillo Says:

    MI Amor PlaTOniCo!!!!!!! 

  5. Bella Padilla Says:

    she has one of those grate voices, to bad she has to use a robot voice 

  6. Bushra Mirza Says:


  7. Steven Ahmarani Says:

    37,776,981 Views On Youtube
    37,948,966 Views On Vevo

  8. ToySoldier596 Says:

    I was 2 years old when this beautiful song came out :”)

  9. ManDeeDooPwee Says:

    Ahh…the innocence of the 90’s….

  10. Sara Makin Says:

    Omg those flip flops 

  11. IamLEGENDkb24 Says:

    damnn i remember bumping this britney album on on my disc-man on field
    trips in elementary!! haha

  12. kevexboy Says:

    This song makes me teary and nostalgic. Good times. Miss the 90s.

  13. Ashley Lynn Says:

    I miss this Britney. 

  14. Moves Like Jaeger Says:

    Plot twist: she was actually talking about the dog.

  15. Alina Brooke Says:

    I was just born when this song came out! 

  16. camila love Says:

    miley brought me here!!

  17. Alfredo Jerez Says:

    When everything its all right …..

  18. Melanie Luangrath Says:

    Miley made me want to come watch this video lol 

  19. keepcalmandbong Says:

    Miley sent me here!

  20. Aby Smiler Says:

    her voice ♥ 

  21. yohana tumbuan Says:

    Before she gets crazy

  22. alba garcia Says:

    hello baby girls

  23. Basia Adamczak Says:

    Absolutely adore this song – this is the Britney I always remember

  24. Michelle Marie Says:

    i still can’t believe they didn’t cut 1:17 – 1:18 out , the girl is itching
    her cooch lmfaoo

  25. Luis Perez Says:

    i miss the old britney :/