Cheryl Cole ft. – 3 Words (Official Video)

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25 Responses to “Cheryl Cole ft. – 3 Words (Official Video)”

  1. damjam borree Says:

    Chavyl Mole really can’t sing for shit, it’s pitiful watching her even try

  2. Someone Special XXL Says:

    What are the 3 words…?

  3. McThurgy Says:

    Whats the 3 words then?

  4. Kasia Saved Says:

    “You are the man of my dreams,
    You saved me from drowning in the streams”

  5. Martina Spanu Says:

    Iìm addicted to this song..don’t know why.

  6. anthony cooper Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA think of a world right now WITHOUT autotuner

  7. Acidpunk101 Says:

    If theyre in love, why is this song so fucking miserable??? At least the
    smiths had fitting lyrics.

  8. Anastassiya Alexieva Says:

    This song is so superb. But can please stfu -,- Cheryl is so
    soft, gentle and charming… This is magnificent.

  9. Andrew Clyburn Says:

    Could use any more auto tune.. Like omg.

  10. Horacio Quintana Says:

    Great video! I really like it.

  11. Isaac Leonard Says:

    One of her tunes I think is good she’s bad live thow sooo bad lol

  12. maria brown Says:

    I can’t believe this song is so old already

  13. Sophie Wynne Evans Says:

    Love this song.

  14. Alessandro Zanoletti Says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  15. Jose The Destroyer Says:

    Possibly one of the worst songs of the 21st century, how on earth can
    anyone listen to this crap. The lyrics make hardly any sense and the
    backing track is repetitive and off key. 

  16. sherilyn vickery Says:

    Very good old song

  17. Garmez120 Says:

    Apparently, at 2:57 they had to hold cards up at this point so he got the
    spelling right!

  18. Quetzalcoatl Goddess Of Change Says: is so damn hot. The sexiest singer ever IMHO. I used to hate
    Cheryl because she was very close to him and I was jealous as hell. Now I
    see her as another Pop Goddess I’m proud to worship. And is still

  19. Babis Lagkadinos Says:

    cheryl cole..the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen in my entire life…

  20. thegreenfrog27 Says:

    I love the song and video, very different, not the usual pop, wouldn’t be
    suprised if it wasn’t a huge hit (because it’s not very generic, people
    love generic haha)

  21. MegaMissfitz Says:

    How about 3 words for foamy for Xmas…. Because the best gifts can’t be

  22. Chloe Mostyn Says:

    I like this song It makes me cheerful and this song is for my cheerleading

  23. Quantum Leap Says:

    Nostalgie 2

  24. Łukasz Bagiński Says:

    bardzo fajna klimatyczna piosenka

  25. 8kimahri8 Says:

    Many years after its release, I still find this song addictive. And you
    don’t see a music video like this very often: it’s strangely haunting to