Cheryl Cole – Parachute [NEW OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2010]

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25 Responses to “Cheryl Cole – Parachute [NEW OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2010]”

  1. JDStickmenmovies Says:

    @Dusty606 your welcome

  2. Divbeq0 Says:

    No, the song is MUCH better at its orginal speed. This sounds like they’re in a hurry to get it over with.

  3. 121magz Says:

    waaay beter dan original =] XxXxXxXx

  4. rockercullen Says:

    I wish they could have this song in the u.s.

  5. xNainalicious Says:

    @AnnaDieKleine3333 nederlander ^^

  6. FinksEntourage Says:

    It would be good if it was in BETWEEN the normal version and this sped up version. Like, a middle speed. This seems a TAD too fast. The original seems just a bit too slow for my taste…hm…

  7. DesignEntice Says:

    I frikkin love it so much that I try to do the moves in the mirror 🙂

  8. 10reasonstolive Says:

    We have done an acoustic version of this, let me know what you think good or bad, all comments welcome !

  9. AnnaDieKleine3333 Says:

    beide Versionen super :> !

  10. spitalieri Says:

    Cheryl Cole HOSPITAL ! Achtung !

  11. RuMyDreamGuy Says:

    Amazing choreography!!

  12. manganimeboy Says:

    jeah this song is speed up look how can she dance so fast ?!?!!??!

  13. MarvlovesCookies Says:

    Thats nice *_*

  14. sweetsuryana Says:

    @candlize01 You’re right.. ’cause when it’s sloww you understand the emotion of the songg

  15. MrsJennifer007 Says:

    whos the original soong?

  16. Hoellenmuh Says:

    it´s kinda funny : )

  17. ignanonyme Says:

    its weird how the videao is reverse from the original, like in the slow version she comes in from the left and in the speed up one she comes in fomr the right

  18. OfficialMaeAnderson Says:

    I’ve never heard the real version (slower), but personally I think the fast version is just plain KICK ASS 🙂

  19. Dusty606 Says:

    thanks for f*ing up this song by speeding it up… it SUCKKKKSSSS ass

  20. Darkcailin Says:

    Wow awesome dress lol =)

  21. fdxnaoseinomes Says:

    Too fast for my brain 🙁

  22. TibiOverThere Says:

    gosh, this guy is handsome!!!!!

  23. DJKaneHtownshuffler Says:

    y is derek in this vid its like dancing with the starts all over again lol good song though

  24. superfrickensexy Says:

    this song is shit in the fast mode, u are a cunt an i hope u die for this!!!!

  25. sunshinerana Says:

    Love it , its good song and good work ,