Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton – Just a Fool – Official Music Video – Savannah Outen & Jake Coco

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton – Just a Fool – Official Music Video – Savannah Outen & Jake Coco”

  1. Moses Forrest Says:


  2. Idefenestrateyou94 Says:

    nobody hears autotune?! especially at 0:54?

  3. Elisa Hamilton Says:

    Wow, u sound amazing….. why don’t you try one of those talent shows or
    American Idol, you’d be great….

  4. Noorlida Eidha Says:


  5. Aldanna Wolves Says:

    So sweet <3

  6. Roxanne Jean-Mairet Says:

    Amazing ! 

  7. Phan Nghia Says:

    the way they look at each other 

  8. Gil Tennant Says:

    You guys kick ass!!! :))

  9. Heather Weaver Says:

    try out for the voice and sing this song!! i know you’d be the voice
    darling!!! you have came so far you deserve it ~ 🙂 

  10. Pedro Vaz Says:

    Love this song. You guys are awesome together.

  11. Xavia Darron Says:

    Can’t explain how much I love this you and Jake are both so amazing love
    you both!

  12. Sierra Moony Says:

    You remind me of Stormy Llewellyn, you even look like her

  13. Sheila Fernandez Says:

    great cover!

  14. Tasha Anderson Says:

    there re people out there that are very talented (like u) but, they don’t
    relise it.

  15. adisszu Says:

    fuck , you’re gorgeous Savannah , you’re so beautiful , like your voice
    also , i’m in love…:-s

  16. Jimmy Pomona Says:

    GET Down Girl!<3

  17. Dadi Djo Says:

    you are super star 

  18. candylossxx Says:

    Amazing! Prefer it over the original :)

  19. OurBossFan Says:

    Auditioning for a talent show on national tv is a good idea. It’s not about
    winning. It’s about everybody knowing who you are in one shot. And the
    people who really matter see you all at once.

  20. sandy corzin Says:

    best cover of this song great voice

  21. Michel-Ange Ny Aina Says:

    I love it so much,,your voice is very very WOW!!!!

  22. Verlane Schultz Says:

    Awesome!! I love this! :)

  23. Luigi Cabras Says:

    I like this performance :D

  24. raiderschik4life Says:

    You are SO good!!!! audition for the voice NOW

  25. Rosie Urban Says:

    You’re voice is so good for covering Christina Aguilera songs! Awesome