(Drop Dead) Beautiful – Britney Spears (feat. Sabi) (Official Full Song)

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34 Responses to “(Drop Dead) Beautiful – Britney Spears (feat. Sabi) (Official Full Song)”

  1. sherinimusic101 Says:

    My neighbors are going to be hearing this…

  2. MonsterLovato Says:

    @BRITNEYSBITCH777 i was just listening to her fuckin music asshole !

  3. adelinalovesyou Says:

    Britneey’s Backkk Haters 🙂


    @MonsterLovato Your Drop Dead Ugly. At Least Your Personality Is. Coming Onto 3 BRITNEY VIDEOS. And Dissing Her. PATHETIC.

  5. iroxlol123 Says:

    Judge: so, Mrs. Replay, where did he click you?
    Replay: here *motiones to whole body and cries*
    Jodge: how many times?
    Replay: [inbetween sniffles and cries] “over 9,000 times!”
    Judge: arrow, what do you have to say for yourself?!
    Arrow: i told you i only clicked her like 50 times!!!
    Judge: your going to internet prison!!!!
    Arrow: how will i do my job now?!?!
    Me: what the hell happened to my arrow?!?!

  6. AtiEmss Says:

    @officialpresspoppel lmfao!

  7. officialpresspoppel Says:

    90 people are drop dead ugly hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. OneOfAKindBrunette Says:

    Sabi used to be in the band The Bangz and i was obsessed with them too 🙂

  9. LPandSporefan Says:

    90 people are angry cos they dropped dead

  10. XxxEmilyluvsTacosxxX Says:

    I love this song so bad!! I think I might drop dead x_x xD

  11. itsznuchiibiotxch Says:

    Lady Gaga = Singer
    Britney Spears = Auto Tune

  12. sokkrah1 Says:

    i liiike ittt

  13. martinezkimberly80 Says:

    Omg I absolutely LOVE this song !

  14. dfdfdsfd1 Says:

    I love Britney S2

  15. Fadzii88 Says:

    in lesbian with thissss trackk xxxx

  16. LPandSporefan Says:


  17. habboloes1 Says:

    i hate sabi xd

  18. jHuaNPaVilLa Says:

    ♫ ( Drop dead ) Beautiful a peticion de jonathan ♫

  19. JuanchoOManthecada Says:

    4 single please :DD

  20. 0danceallisondance0 Says:

    Can’t wait for July 20th!<3
    Going to see Britney and Nicki at the Amway Center! Soooooo excited!! 😀

  21. soccerchick9841 Says:

    @hopel0ve09 that has nothing to do with anything. you don’t like her then comment on a song of hers

  22. maddie62997 Says:

    I <3 this song ! 😀

  23. mizundastudd9 Says:

    I lovee this effn soong!!! BEAUTIFUL…DROP…DEAD…

  24. OMGodney Says:

    @hopel0ve09 LMFAO SUCKS

  25. lovefunnyvids999 Says:

    @MarcineKKK U wish

  26. Brangelina Says:

    I love Brad Pitt

  27. Comedy Middle East Says:


  28. Miley Says:

    Lols 🙂

  29. Plan B Says:

    Plan B are immense

  30. Best concerts Says:

    Wish I could get a ticket to the concert

  31. Blues Says:

    If only I could play as well as these guys!

  32. Tangent Music Blog Says:

    Nobody does it better… Makes me feel sad for the rest..

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    Come and join us at the fellfoot music fest!

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