“Hold it Against Me” Official music video cover- Britney Spears

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25 Responses to ““Hold it Against Me” Official music video cover- Britney Spears”

  1. Tullidar1 Says:

    It’s like double the sexy..

  2. Tullidar1 Says:

    Lolwtf there’s two of you. .__.

  3. TheRespectingMusic Says:

    This video was uploaded on my birthday.

  4. ricardoleopard Says:

    i like you <3

  5. jquintoteelah Says:

    wouldn’t it be wonderful if he was an actual twin? it would be double the talent, double the attractiveness, double everything

  6. melita7895 Says:

    me encanto hiam (L)

  7. dana35524 Says:

    awwwwww, like it guys! very very cool! you could be jedward2 🙂

  8. freak3432 Says:

    heard britney spears attempted a comeback from the depths of her failure and did a cover of this 😛

  9. kadacians Says:

    @PNI8799 but its true 😛 x3

  10. PNI8799 Says:

    @kadacians LOL

  11. kadacians Says:

    like for them being twins

  12. misserinrice Says:

    @overtonkelly He sells it on itunes 🙂

  13. toudourini Says:

    Way better than the original…

  14. discreetkeepsakul Says:


  15. overtonkelly Says:

    Are you famous?? lol im serious though, this is awesomw, I WOULD BUY YOUR MUSIC!!!

  16. staceycake17 Says:

    Halo Reach!
    Damn boy, you have an amazing voice. You’re amazing <3

  17. peco017 Says:

    do chasing pavements ..

  18. OriginalityBoi Says:

    Halo Reach!!! Lets play!

  19. emhfeng Says:

    woah. i just realized there are two JRices!

  20. MAC19523456 Says:

    you know how to interpret this song. Brittany’s version can’t even come close to what you have done with this song. I’m feeling it.

  21. pinkanimalslol Says:

    Get ur ass on american idol!!!!!!!

  22. TheGreatOakTree Says:

    @EmilyConnected Their twins.

  23. skillxqueen Says:

    im liking ur halo reach whats ur gamer tag? :3

  24. EmilyConnected Says:

    im confussed, is there 2 of you lol xx

  25. anxietyawaynow Says:

    thanks for nice vid’s… 🙂