Jessica Sanchez – Apl De Ap – “Jump In” – The Black Eyed Peas – Official Music Video HD

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25 Responses to “Jessica Sanchez – Apl De Ap – “Jump In” – The Black Eyed Peas – Official Music Video HD”

  1. Jancie Marie Gallego Says:

    Thumbs Up..<3

  2. nesyika72 Says:

    It’s coming along. Sike

  3. seni Gaid Says:

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  4. sebaschanism Says:

    nice!! saan pala yung falls?

  5. iskudede Says:

    I love them both.

  6. z24lm Says:

    Probably because she actually uses her voice here.

  7. kate dolina Says:

    LOVE IT (jump in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  8. Arlene Sasan Says:

    Yeah! Jump in!

  9. Kevin Joshua Mejos Says:

    I usually here this sa LRT-2 station (Legarda and Santolan) 🙂

  10. jayson jarlans Says:

    im proud to be pinoy

  11. TweedleTweedleAsian Says:

    Her make-up looks better here than in the that Ne-Yo video.

  12. rex melendres Says:

    verry perfect song so nice

  13. seni Gaid Says:

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  14. Mitchit01 Says:

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    I just listened to the acoustic version. Level up! Promise…

  15. Ivan Chris Says:

    was this shot in the philippines? very nice!!

  16. seni Gaid Says:

    Jump-In should be shown in world wide. i am posting it everywhere like the new song with Ne-Yo. The hits here for Jump-in should start increasing. let’s help each other please

  17. seni Gaid Says:

    Jessica Sanchez new song “Tonight” with Ne-Yo
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  18. Amy George Says:

    Cd is gona be AMAZING can’t wait. She gona be a super star

  19. xCallMeRileyx Says:


  20. xCallMeRileyx Says:


  21. Shirley O Says:

    wow, started with watching Tonight, to this. you are amazing Jessica! and so beautiful in this music vid

  22. bianxkrish23 Says:

    i always here this every morning at magic. love it

  23. borj borja Says:

    thumbs up

  24. seni Gaid Says:

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  25. seni Gaid Says:

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