Lady Gaga – American Music Awards Bad Romance / Speechless live 2009 HD

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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga – American Music Awards Bad Romance / Speechless live 2009 HD”

  1. assa a-song Says:


  2. assa a-song Says:


  3. رغوده العمري Says:

    الماسونيه شيء مخزي حتى ملابسها
    الاسلام نور والشرك ظلم

  4. WALLEfan9 Says:

    Lady GaGa is still fucking awesome.

  5. genesis serrano Says:

    Gagauulalalala :`D  Me Encanta ….

  6. AleVlog Says:

    Sorry, but Lady Gaga is still awesome.

  7. awsomes9000 Says:

    This is a good video if you close your eyes and mute it

  8. TheMrbubbles1997 Says:

    Nicki Minaj us chart: bedrock #2, super bass #3, turn me on #4, starships #5, bottoms up #6, make me proud #9, dance ass #10 and now High School coming for #1. like 2 spread the word, so is artpop

  9. pcacs16 Says:

    ARTPOP is coming 

  10. ladycalderone99 Says:

    I really hate the music industry. A woman like Gaga comes along and the first thing the other women in the industry do is change themselves to be like her. There can be no individuality, other artists kill it. All Gaga can do now is out-Gaga those who are now striving to be her. She’s no longer offering the music industry something new. Now, only Adele’s doing anything new. On the bright side, Gaga did change the industry, although for the better I’m unsure about.

  11. ladycalderone99 Says:

    She still is fucking awesome

  12. v1m Says:

    Ack, she sucks!

  13. Susy leto Says:

    she ‘s beautiful!!!!!!!

  14. TTproductz Says:

    bitch, she was, is and will always be fucking amazing.

  15. HeavyMetalGaga Lover Says:

    one of her best performances ever!

  16. HeavyMetalGaga Lover Says:

    i wish she still did performances like this. i kniw she does but everybody got used to it in a way and its not that shocking anymore

  17. DBSKFahrenheit Says:


  18. 749260 Says:

    Oh yea!

  19. Gem Russel Ramirez Says:

    one of the best performance. 😀

  20. Ana Sweetlolly Says:

    she still is 🙂 to a true monster ;)

  21. Juan Bermeo Says:

    love those shoes

  22. Camilo Sokka Says:

    She is better now.

  23. krasimir ivanov Says:

    welcome to the group facebook GYPSY WORLD

  24. Vanessa Sanchez Says:

    Great! I love

  25. Johan Daza Says: