Lady Gaga – Do What U Want Feat R.Kelly (OFFICIAL VIDEO EDIT)

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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Do What U Want Feat R.Kelly (OFFICIAL VIDEO EDIT)”

  1. LadyGagaVEVO™ Says:


    thank you.

  2. Tara Shaw Says:

    GARBAGE!! What had happened to the L Gaga that made good music and better
    videos?? What is she on crack now?? BOOOO!! 

  3. LadyGagaVEVO™ Says:

    Lady Gaga – Venus (Official Music Video) 2014 ♥


    stop saying official, who said. please just stop and upload it as your own
    work or somebody else’s, have some credibility and the TM thing? what’s
    that about? 

  5. Dominik Kasala Says:

    very strange and a little crazy.

  6. MrJarvishead Says:

    everybody flag this video

  7. Estera Kowalczyk Says:

    jak dla mnie najbardziej klimatyczna atmosfer

  8. Bianca de Paula Says:
  9. JENNI RAAD Says:


  10. blake calliso Says:

    Guys lets all agree that it is shit no matter what, official or unofficial.
    Fucking bring the peace already assholes. 

  11. ZELCRO AXE Says:

    you got 1kk view with a lie

  12. Nuwan Prasantha Meneripitiyage Don Appuhamy Says:


  13. yoellk acosta Says:

    what first song video?

  14. Sarah Benton Says:

    “Official Music Video” huh? Is your pathetic life so fucking empty that the
    only joy you get is by tricking people into watching your pile of shit fan
    made noob job? You suck. Your video sucks. And you’re a worthless view
    whore. Fucking die.

  15. HaRoLd JoRdAn Says:

    is this the official video of this song???????????????? cause i’m preying
    for a video

  16. youme1414 Says:

    I like the song. The video is scary.

  17. Fernanda Valdes Says:

    guys i found the leaked video i cant breathe this is so perfect gaga mm YAS

  18. Pumpkin Says:

    A bunch of people are saying this is really sexist, but its really not,
    honestly, I mean, its sexualized, but thats kinda how lady gaga is. I mean,
    shes consensually giving herself in this song, so its not rape, she’s
    literally saying she wants you to ravish her, and thats totally a-okay as
    long as she’s cool w/ it, and that applies to anyone. I dont really
    consider a lot of her vids art or anything, but catchy lyrics. I dunno, my
    2 cents.

  19. Jeff dinis rosa Says:

    No ofence but this video is the wrost shit I ever seen! It’s not too hard
    to edit… You have creativity. So… Use it! Make she open her mouth at
    the right moment.
    Take a look of IamKingmoney channel! THE BEST.

  20. Stephanie chowdry Says:

    my clit quivers everytime i hear this

  21. James Lenahan Says:

    I’d love to hear this song on the dance floor in a club at about 130
    decibels! Talk about intoxicating!

  22. Valberta G Says:

    Why are these fools putting official?

  23. taiking tom Says:

    Full life^0^+^!!!!

  24. Paolo Di Giacomo Says:
  25. kyle rooker Says:

    the song isn’t about rape. it’s about how she doesn’t want the media in her
    personal life.