One Tribe music video (Black Eyed Peas) with lyrics

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19 Responses to “One Tribe music video (Black Eyed Peas) with lyrics”

  1. Kidofrodo Says:

    Grow up

  2. gunnerunner1 Says:

    KONY 2012!!!

  3. adzroxx25 Says:

    lovely video and awesome song!! excellent job….. 🙂

  4. 17joman Says:


  5. MegaHockeydude11 Says:

    Is it just me or is this song the best Black Eyed Peas song!

  6. xferalisx Says:

    gay “faggets” love this music too, ya jerk!

  7. lipsinger666 Says:

    who ever dosent like gay people is a ass hole GAY PRIDE FOR MY FRIENDS!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. jbren100 Says:

    @ Roxas- Because there isn’t one!

  9. 5star336 Says:

    who ever dislikes this is a gay fagit

  10. Roxas6674 Says:

    why can I not find the frigin music video

  11. RealTybalt Says:


  12. olajaw02 Says:

    Amazing video, sharing it for sure!

  13. HHastings2010 Says:

    I love it! Great job 🙂

  14. miksoner Says:

    When I buy The E.N.D This is the only song that I didn’t like. But now, that I read the lyrics and saw this video, i love this song! Peabodies 4EVER UNITED! WE R 1 TRIBE!!

  15. ambidextrous28 Says:

    good video

  16. Rachulie Says:

    the only way we will all unite is if aliens attack us or the elephants attack etc. here’s hoping

  17. diono9 Says:

    really good job!
    impresionante trabajo destacaste excelentemente el simbolismo

  18. jbren100 Says:

    Thanks. I used Sony Vegas 10 (the cheap version) and a lot of editing.

  19. itiswhatitis8888 Says:

    this is really well done 🙂 could you tell me what program you used please?